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Move beyond exhaustion and overload into a life that truly supports you, with Chinese medicine

Hi, I'm Kelly an accredited acupuncturist in the Nelson region

Although I didn’t realise it, I started my training as an acupuncturist at a young age. In my early years, I spent time with my Grandmother and witnessed her soothing, tending and nurturing all the souls around her - both human and animal. My Grandma, Aunt and Mum in turn, dedicated their lives to nursing those who needed care and aroha. As University beckoned, and with over a decade of martial arts training under my belt, I was drawn to study Chinese medicine - an equilibrium of my martial knowledge with my healing genes. What I offer in my acupuncture practice mirrors much of my own journey: to help you discover balance in both body and mind.

How Kelly can help

How Kelly can help you rebalance

Whether you see me in my 1-to-1 practice or my Community clinic, you're treated with the same care and compassion. Here are the steps we take together:

I listen Wholeheartedly
We improve your Sleep
We reduce your Pain
We tailor a Self-care plan for you
I guide and Support you along the way
We share Laughs, as often as possible

What balanced patients say

"Where so many other options for treatment failed, working with Kelly has improved my quality of life. I don't know where I'd be without her”


"From the first session I had relief. I not only obtained help physically, Kelly also helped me mentally with some fantastic tips and guidance. All in a safe and caring environment. Kelly has a gift."


“Kelly is an excellent practitioner who responds to the needs of her clients, listens with empathy and challenges thoughts and behaviours that are getting in the way of your health goals.

I cannot recommend her enough!”


patients say
Find Kelly

Where to find Kelly

Nelson clinic

22 Achilles Avenue, Wakatu Carpark, Inside Miki D's Gym

Kelly endeavours to get back to you in 48 hours

Thanks for getting in touch

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